Recognised as a “truly stunning project” by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), the £85m Gladstone Biomass Handling and Storage Facility is a core supply chain component of the largest decarbonisation project in the EU taking place at Drax’s Selby Power Station.

A feat of complex engineering, this truly automated bulkhandling facility, designed and built over a 19-month programme, is capable of handling three million tonnes of wood pellets a year.
Awarded the ‘Large Project of the Year’ by the ICE, the Gladstone facility was completed on plan, within 19-months, and built safely with over 1,000,000 RIDDOR free ‘man-hours’. Comprising three 33,000t storage silos, 40m in diameter, and 55m in height, the terminal also features a rail loading silo (14m in diameter/44m high), and 1200m of conveyors facilitating the transport of biomass from ship to silo and silo to rail.
The innovative construction included the design and fabrication of the largest hydraulic slide valve, which is now an approved unit on the open market. The Gladstone project has been instrumental in reducing Drax’s CO2 footprint by 12t annually - the equivalent of removing 10% of the cars on UK roads.