CDM Energy was appointed by C. A. Blackwell to act as full time site manager for the 56 turbine south section of Clyde Wind Farm. The main scope of the work included:

Earthworks to form new tracks and widening of existing tracks. In total there was approximately 35km of tracks to be formed under this phase, with almost 1 million cubic metres of earthworks to undertake

Managing peat and construction of floating roads over deep peat deposits

Excavation and processing of rock to form track and hardstanding topping material

Construction of crane hardstanding areas

Permanent works drainage, the site is very undulating and reaches 550m above sea level, requiring significant drainage installation on very challenging terrain

Construction of reinforced concrete bases for the wind turbines, each base comprises of approximately 350 cubic metres of concrete

Construction of transformer bases and met mast foundations

Construction of permanent access points from the existing highway

Undertaking trenching and ductworks for the electric and SCADA cables